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Eco Lux series geodesic domes are precision manufactured, using the finest northern duglas fir and other long lasting quailty building materials. We bring prefabricated, ecological, and deluxe together, in one amazing product. We custom manufacture any desired size and oval shaped geodesic domes. It takes up to 40 days to complete any order. Every geodesic dome home comes with lifetime warranty.


There were times, when we were ready to move on to the better healthier life, but despite the hard work and all the effort, one component was still missing. Now, we have a rare chance of living in a home, that is shaped like our planet, or an igloo, egg or a pumpkin. This shape is not only good for attracting the attention, but it also saves up to 95% on heating and air conditioning, making this dome a passive house. Only the finest natural materials are used in construction to ensure the best looks and the lifetime performance.

The standard kit includes all the desired and necessary parts and components.