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Luxury Oval Ecological Dome Villa

We are capable of designing, manufacturing and installing of any spherical structure, using any materials for any possible purpose. Our dome design department is ready to create shapes of your choice, retaining the properties of the original rigid carbon molecule, and multiplying them to the scale proportions. Many business and land owners tend to order unique shapes to attract more attention and solve special tasks. With our low price, any unique shape in construction is a perfect investment, and will sure turn many heads.

The standard kit includes:

duglas fir 100x50 struts, triangular plywood panels 15mm thick, all the steel hardware, waterproofing, asphalt shingles, SPF insulation, stretching interior, walls and partitions, hardwood floors, door, 5 triangular windows, kitchen, 1 full bathroom, ladder and a second level kit.

You are able to add modify windows, ladders, and partitions to you needs. We can provide the custom design sevices to fit any requirements.


any existing spherical shape is possible to build