Luxury Ecological Dome Villa

When there is a plot of land, requiring an elliptical footprint, we are able to design any required geodesic dome. We were the first builders in the world to build an elliptical home. We are sure that there is no other dome builder, capable of designing and installing any elliptical shape.

The standard kit includes:

duglas fir 100x50 struts, triangular plywood panels 15mm thick, all the steel hardware, waterproofing, asphalt shingles, SPF insulation, stretching interior, walls and partitions, hardwood floors, door, 3 triangular windows, kitchen, 1 full bathroom, ladder and a second level kit.

You are able to add modify windows, ladders, partitions. We can provide the custom design sevices to fit any requirements.

the dome allows any floor planning and window placement, so we made it possible for you to copy and print the image below for scaled sketches of the desired floor plan. Each cell represents one square meter.

save or print this file to foorplan