Luxury Ecological Dome Villa

Esta cúpula de 8m en diametro da 50m quadrados de superficio en planta baja. Es una buena solucion para un pequeño chalet.

El kit estándar incluye:

tablones de madera 100x50, paneles triangulares de tablero marino 15mm de grosor, herramentas, waterproofing, asphalt shingles, SPF insulation, stretching interior, walls and partitions, hardwood floors, door, 2 triangular windows, kitchen, 1 full bathroom.

You are able to add modify windows, ladders, partitions. We can provide the custom interior design sevices to fit any requirements.

the dome allows any floor planning and window placement, so we made it possible for you to copy and print the image below for scaled sketches of the desired floor plan. Each cell represents one square meter.